Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Ongoing Call for Unread Books

With the close of the Overload exhibition at ATHICA at the beginning of November, I am back in possession of The Unread Book Project. I am pleased to say that the collection has grown significantly while it was on exhibition at ATHICA.

I am always looking for unread books to add to the collection - this is an ongoing project.

Now is the time to rummage through your bookshelves, piles of books next to your bed, in your closet, or in the recycling bin. All I need is one unread book from you to donate to the project. If you so choose, your donated unread book entitles you to an exchange with another unread book in the collection of your choosing.

If you have already participated in The Unread Book Project, then THANK YOU!

If you know anyone that would be interested in taking part in this project, please pass along this blog address and encourage them to be part of this art installation.

See below for details on how to participate:

Guidelines for participating in the Unread Book Project:

1. One donated (1) unread book per participant

"Unread" for these purposes is defined as never read, or started but never finished

2. Answers to the following two (2) questions about the unread book:

A) How did you come to acquire this book?

B) Why has this book remained unread?

Send me an e-mail letting me your interest in participating in this project
at unreadbookproject@gmail.com. I'll contact you and figure out the easiest way for you to get your unread book and responses into the project.

Thank you again for taking a peek into this project and thank you to all of you who have participated over the last few years!


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